About the PI


Education and interests: I grew up in Austin Texas, received my undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Texas, and subsequently received my MD PhD from the University of Michigan as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP).  My graduate work in the lab of Michele Swanson focused on the regulation of bacterial virulence and macrophage cytoplasmic response. My postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Richard Locksley examined the regulation and function of group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s), where I helped define the role of ILC2s in systemic metabolism and described the coordinate positive and negative regulation of ILC2s and regulatory T cells (Tregs) via the cytokines IL-33 and IFNg. The Ari Molofsky lab was established in July 2015 and studies the regulation and niches of tissue-resident lymphocytes, including ILC2s and Treg subsets. We are particularly interested in how tissue resident lymphocytes cross-talk with stromal cells to initiate beneficial and pathologic immunity. We recently defined an adventitial ILC2 niche in multiple tissues, including lung, adipose tissue, and brain meninges.  

Clinical training: I completed my residency in clinical pathology and fellowship in hematopathology at UCSF in 2011.  I continue to practice part-time as an attending hematopathologist with a particular focus on clinical flow cytometry.

Teaching: I engage in teaching at multiple levels, including pathology residents and fellows, medical students, graduate students, and dental students.  I am the assistant director of the UCSF medical school Pathogens and Host Defense course with a focus on immunology teaching. I am the co-direct of a Biomedical Sciences (BMS) mini-course that provides a ‘deep-dive’ on tissue-resident immunity.

Selected Honors and Awards:

  • 2019 AAI Travel Award

  • 2017 Milstein Young Investigator Award, ICIS 

  • 2017 New Frontiers Research Awardee, UCSF 

  • 2017 AAI Travel Award

  • 2016 Larry L. Hillblom Junior Investigator Award

  • 2014 Clinical Scientist Research Development Award (K08), UCSF

  • 2009 Chief Resident, University of California San Francisco

  • 2006 Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society, University of Michigan

  • 2006 Ward J. MacNeal Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Michigan

  • 1999 The Dean’s Honored Graduate in Molecular Biology, University of Texas

  • 1998 Phi Beta Kappa

  • 1998 Research Fellowship Award, University of Texas

  • 1995 National Merit Scholarship, University of Texas